All the GST registered business houses are required to lodge a BAS Statement by the due date. This tax reporting duty can be done monthly or quarterly basis. As per the law, only a BAS agent can advise or help find out your liabilities and obligations in the areas of the BAS. To be a qualified BAS agent, an individual needs to meet the criteria of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) for registering himself as an agent as per the Tax Agent Services Act 2009. It is often mistaken by a lot of people that there is no requirement of a BAS agent when you have a bookkeeper. For a GST registered Firm, there is a requirement of a BAS agent who can represent your firm while dealing with the ATO when it comes to GST, PAYG, Fringe Benefits Tax Payments, and many more as such. It becomes a costly affair to hire a BAS agent for your firm who will specifically deal for your business and do it with perfection. We have a team of registered BAS agents who can deal with all sorts of challenges required for lodging BAS statements with astute skills.

Our Scope Of BAS Services Incorporate:

  • Complete Bookkeeping Services
  • Creation of budget summaries.
  • Lodgement of Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statements (IAS).
  • Finance Factors including retaining charge and any parts of PAYG.
  • Superannuation
  • Assistance with vehicle tax, fuel tax, wine charge, and incidental advantage instalments.

Your BAS accounting tasks can be sorted through our certified BAS specialist who will lodge the BAS as per the due date and allow you the relaxation time you deserve.


It is clear that both BAS agents and Bookkeepers have their respective fields of work which make them different from each other. Both may ensure your books are well-balanced, but of the two, it is only the BAS agent that is qualified to advise the business when it comes to business matters. There is a requirement of a BAS agent for a firm who is planning to go ahead and increase their revenue. Below are some services which we offer as BAS agent services. With us, you will get a dedicated BAS agent who will specifically work to comprehend the complexities of your business and industry and provide an extensive way to deal with all of your BAS issues.

With Accounting Services Perth, you are provided with the services of a qualified BAS agent who have an essential understanding of GST and BAS as per ATO. Our BAS Agent services will be comparatively less than if you hire a full-time working employee for your organisation. With us, you can get your BAS related work done with accuracy and legitimate way.

For BAS related operations, call our skilled BAS agents and book consultation right away.

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