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Being busy bees in our respective jobs, sometimes we are not aware about filing tax returns, which is a mandatory thing to do for everyone who comes in criteria of doing taxes. There may be a multitude of reasons which can make you forget about filing your taxes on time, but we are willing to help you break this habit. Paying taxes late can cause strict fines and penalties imposed by ATO which no one wants to bear, especially if you run a small business or are an individual. Lodging your late tax return can be a daunting process for the ones who cannot cope up with the paperwork or chronological process. Chances of missing the deadline can also emerge if you are a workaholic individual who has to wear many hats to get the work done for your organisation. Taxpayers including individuals, businesses, or trust tax returns need to lodge their taxes before 31st October every year. Failing to lodge taxes on time can add further interest on the already late payments.

Lodging A Late Tax Return In Perth

Lodging a tax return is the responsibility of every taxpayer in Australia and it cannot be skipped. To lodge taxes appropriately, there are a series of tasks which need to be done before it is ready for filing. When you consult our late tax return accountants for managing your late tax returns, we will follow a series of chronological steps to get it done with perfection.

  • Step 1: We check your Lodgement status to confirm how many years of tax returns are overdue for you. Our portal allows us to check all the aspects which are undiscovered, and in minutes we can present your true report in front of you in seconds. Our tax accountants in Perth will speak to you regarding any outside amount, which is unpaid due to any reason.
  • Step 2: Getting the paperwork done as per the regulations by ATO is something not easy for the ones who decide to lodge it themselves. With us, we focus on finding your pre-filling report, which is helpful in finding your tax information. With our best accountant in Perth, we prepare the returns based on information you have provided to our office and send out query lists for any outstanding information we may still require from you.
  • Step 3: After preparing all the records for you and the necessary paperwork, we do the Lodgement process electronically and check which items are essential for minimising the taxes.
  • Step 4: Once the paperwork has been signed off by you, we will remind you of any tax payable which you must do ASAP to reduce penalities.

How Can We Help You In Lodging Late Tax Returns?

There is no point in escaping from the lodging tax returns as the ATO department has its eyes on all who hit the criteria of filing taxes. With the help of our tax consultants in Perth, you can get assistance in doing your overdue taxes as per ATO. Our team specialises in preparing the tax returns for outstanding years as we have access to your Lodgement history and tax records. We will restore all the financial processes back on track and get you the best tax result by our accurate accounting practices. There might be instances that you may not be able to find all your records due to your hectic schedule or forgotten where you have kept them, we can obtain a lot of this recent information from our ATO tax agent portal. With us, the process will be quicker, and refunds will be paid sooner. If you wish to do well in your business or maintain your stable financial position. There is no point in ignoring your taxes, so contact us now and get accurate best services in lodging late taxes returns from us.

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