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Payroll Tax returns are done on the salaries and wages by the employer to the government which is directly extracted from an employee’s salary and paid to the Consolidated Fund of Western Australia for public services purposes like health, education, public safety, and law and order. For small businesses where the employers need to wear many hats due to relatively a smaller number of helpers, handling the payroll tax filing adds to the burden of the employers’ responsibilities. We at, Accounting Services Perth, provide payroll solutions with the help of our certified tax consultant in Perth so that you have a sense of belief that all your work is carried out with perfection. As time is changing slowly and steadily all the major operations are inclined by modern technology. We have a team of tech-savvy specialists skilled in working with cloud-based systems such as XERO, and MYOB to ensure quicker task completion for our clients.

How Do We Provide Payroll Solutions?

We at, Accounting services Perth, are a team of experts from different specialisations who combine their efforts to provide overall results for our clients. We know that handling many timesheets as per the size of your business is difficult and requires advice from a payroll expert who can perform all the tasks with sheer perfection. Our clients can expect services from us.

  • Payroll Systems
  • Internal vs Outsourced Payroll
    • With the help of our services, you will find that it’s a lot easier to manage your end-of-year summaries, prepare your payroll tax and process your superannuation.

      Below is a series of steps we follow for doing payroll solutions.

      • Setting up–Our first step begins with organising employee portals so they can generate important documents for themselves whenever they seek for it. For example- Pay Slips.
      • Leave requests–Staff will be able to submit leave requests to streamline HR further.
      • Processing–We can do the small pay runs of 1-2 staff or large pay runs for those up to 20 or more.
      • Support–A large and skilled team of bookkeepers is available to assist you.

Why Choosing Our Payroll Services Will Prove To Be Your Best Decision?

  • We are focused on working with our clients to provide them flexible payroll services as per their needs.
  • We will be doing the complete payroll administration to increase the efficiency of your staff to focus on the business’ core functions.
  • We provide assistance to our clients by advising the necessary requirements to ensure that they are always on the safer side with minimal risk.
  • Processing payroll when required.
  • Streamlining your existing payroll by collating time sheets, processing termination pays and organising end-of-year summaries (group certificates and payroll tax).
  • Processing superannuation.
  • Tracking and reporting.
  • Assisting with one-off payroll support, or handling the entire process for you.

We carefully look after your employees, with specialised support from bookkeepers experienced in managing payroll across various industries.

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